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It hits Steve outta fuckin’ nowhere.He’s in the local library with Robin and Nancy and Jonathan, and Billy’s been in Hawkins for the past three days visiting Max, and Steve’s getting, getting tetchy,’cause it’s been three goddamn days without Billy and Steve couldn’t go with him because school matters, now,But Billy’s on his way home, right now, as Steve angsts over the fact that it’s been three goddamn days and Billy’s been radio silent on Instagram, even though he’s been texting Steve about a hundred million times a day,Steve’s phone pings with a notification, as does Robin’s, and Nancy’s, and Jonathan gives Nancy a look, says,”really?” and Nancy just shrugs before unlocking her iPhone in synch with the other two,Keep readingHarringroveGYM THOT AUhave plot and feelingswe love that for usUGHthis one made me crywritten to by siawhich just ruined me moreI wish we got moreI wish we got Kara talking to a Clark who chose to give up his powers and remain on earth. The two of them sitting in the loft while Clark tells her why he chose this life, letting her piece together if this might be what she wants one dayI wish we got Clark learning that another version of himself had a son. And his name is Jonathan, after the man that raised him and helped him to control his powersI wish we got to see Kara meeting another Supergirl.

The 8 MP autofocus camera is thankfully, wonderful. With a 28 mm wide angle lens and back side illuminated (BSI) sensor, pictures turn out colorful, bright and truthfully represented. You can fit in a much wider scene that comes out beautifully lit, that basically what the above specs mean.

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