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This case study identifies 95% of residents on a new estate own a tumble dryer and use either this high energy method for clothes drying or hang clothes internally within the property leading to higher energy use or potential mould growth. Research limitations/implications: Further research is required into how drying laundry impacts on internal air qaulity in new homes designed to be energy efficient Practical implications: The design of new houses needs to be considered to provide a shift in people’s behaviour with regard to low energy clothes drying Social implications: Originality/value: Other research has focussed on tenants in social housing in properties of mixed ages. This is the first study which focusses specifically on new energy efficient housing for owner occupiers..

Though the Indian army reached the outskirts of Lahore, Shastri agreed to withdraw Indian forces. He had always been identified with the interests of the working class and peasants since the days of his involvement with the freedom struggle, and now his popularity agree. But his triumph was short lived: invited in January 1966 by the Russian Premier, Aleksei Kosygin, to Tashkent for a summit with General Muhammad Ayub Khan, President of Pakistan and commander of the nation armed forces, Shastri suffered a fatal heart attack hours after signing a treaty where India and Pakistan agreed to not meddle in each other internal affairs and to have recourse to force and to settle their disputes through peaceful means.

AB: I wanted to follow up on genre mixing. There is a little bit of this in the OAM Triostuff you do. Do you think that if you mix things too much, it gets to a point where it stops being jazz? For instance, jazz and blues have always seemed like they bleed into one another and there are some players who are sort of jazzy but also definitely bluesy..

And that has always been the thing we are up against. But when the video came out, there was no question that this thing happened. You could see it. During a meeting with General MacArthur, Dr. Honma Junji produced blades from various periods of Japanese history. MacArthur was so enchanted by the elegant weapons, he amended the ban on katana so that swords of artistic merit could be owned and preserved.

Mary Lou Zerfoss, director of the program, said Foster Grandparents are individuals age 55 or older who meet income eligibility standards and who desire to share their life experience with at risk children. Zerfoss said although the grandparents are considered volunteers, these older Americans work 20 hours per week, receiving a modest, tax free stipend of $2.65 per hour. Other benefits would include transportation assistance or reimbursement; a free lunch; paid holidays, sick days, vacation days, and personal days; and a yearly, recognition event..

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